The 2003 Class Gift ….

Were you worried that it would be difficult to get a hold of your classmates once our classcards get taken off the system? Well we can’t promise the transition to be flawless or to happen as soon as we lose access but we can say that the project will happen and it will be partially due to the efforts of our class! All that information that you access on a daily basis will once again be available on the alumni classcards once the transition of data and the new system is complete.

The Alumni Classcard project has been voted as the 2003 class gift by an overwhelming majority. Thanks to all EC’s who took the time to vote.

The Classcard project involves altering the existing alumni database to include school, interests and past employment (similar to our current classcards), as well as several other potential fields. There are three phases: The first phase involves a better search function, the second phase is inputting all of the data from our classcards, and the third phase is inputting even more data and functionality with links to our classnotes.

There has been significant interest on behalf of alumni donors to the initiative that would be paired with our class donation to top up to the needed amount to make the project happen. The decision to dedicate our class gift to this project has demonstrated to major alumni donors how much we value this initiative and has resulted in the significant additional support needed.

Alumni Classcards has been the #1 ranked senate initiative in the Student Association for the last year and has been headed by Tara Hahn and David Thacker. Thus far the project has been discussed with administration, IT and the Alumni Board of Directors. On last year’s student issues poll 92% of students voted it high or medium priority. The stumbling block in making this issue happen earlier was arranging funding and resources to make it happen. With the class of 2003 gift and the help of a very generous alum, this barrier will be eliminated.

The Class Gift committee is made up of a member of each section: Malkha Buchweitz (OA), Chirag Shah (OB), Debbie McCoy (OC), Kelly Waldher (OD), Matthew Barlow (OE), Micah Rosenbloom (OF), Jen McCoy (OG), Samir Patel (OH), Kristen Fitzpatrick (OI), Mel Gerling (OJ), Jo Navarro (OK) and Annemarie Jensen (Committee Chair). They should be able to answer any questions you may have.

The concept of the class gift does not focus on extravagant giving nor does it focus on contributing strictly to the endowment. Its intention is to give back to the school in a way that is important to us as a class, and we feel the classcards are a good way of doing that. For these reasons we are focusing on class participation and not strictly amount of donation. To spur on the competition, we will be awarding a FREE CASE OF CHAMPAGNE to the section that has the greatest participation. The winning section will be notified in the Capstone class and prize awarded at that time.

There will be an e-mail coming out this week with a link as well as some historical data that will hopefully answer any questions you may have.