Sneak Peek into the Diary of Section A

I was told to write “What I did this Summer,” but since I spent the summer mainly enjoying my husband’s company in my favorite city, I thought it would be more fun to read through the diary entries of some of my sectionmates (Section A kept in touch throughout the summer using summer diaries). Here are a few entries and some photos from the lovely guys of Section A!

After Newport, I fell into a severe depression, or as the more medically inclined among us might term, “a funk.” I was all confused. My body would naturally wake up at 7:30am from frightening dreams of coming in late to Rogelio’s class or having to negotiate against Barclay on a real estate development project. I would shimmy over to my computer to see if I had the write-ups I needed for the day, only to find my inbox empty. Realizing that I no longer had classes, I would head back to sleep. Noon would roll around, I would get up again, call a few of my peeps, only to find out that many of my buddies were off in exotic places like Bermuda and Brazil, while I was marinating in the mundane, non-ocean-front views of Harvard Square. Soon, I found other lost souls that were still around, like CK, LKD, and BOC, and we just drank ourselves to silliness. I even went to Great Cuts to totally change my look (I went for the very short spiky hairdo). I thought a new Anupam was required to shake off the funk, but instead I just got funny stares from people I considered friends, people who did not have the heart to tell me I looked like a little porcupine on crack.

Submitted by A.M.

In an attempt to recapture our days in Aldrich, I’ve taken to giving out Skydecks to the other interns. I’ve given out awards for “the biggest suck up,” “most likely to try to hook up with the undergrads and fail,” “mostly likely to not get a full-time offer” and “worst breath.” Funny thing is that I’ve given the same guy all of the awards. I don’t think he likes me much. I briefly tried extending the Skydecks to the executive staff, but the VP of Human Resources didn’t seem to find it humorous when I awarded him “most likely to be canned once I’m named CEO.” I don’t think that did much to contradict the “HBS grads are arrogant” myth.

Submitted by O.B.

Work has been good, my coworkers are a lot of fun and it’s great to get a look at what consulting is all about. I guess I wouldn’t mind if there was just one meeting where I was less confused than someone else but I don’t think that’s happened yet. I’m getting lots of useful feedback… like recently I was told “I’m sorry, were you saying something I should actually be listening to?” which made me slightly worried, but then I was reassured when told “don’t worry, sometimes even I say things that aren’t worth listening to.” Ahhh, but they are bringing me along… I have learned to use “ask” instead of “request” (e.g. “I have three asks”) and learned to syndicate and synthesize with the best of them. But all kidding aside, work is good, the project is interesting and my team is fun to work with. Some of the projects this office has underway are truly amazing. You can’t beat the luxury box at SF Giants games.

Submitted by R.L.

I really need to understand the deal with Finance people’s obsession with the friggin’ HP-12C calculator. In every meeting I go to here at work everyone – from the MDs on down – has there damn HP-12C out, raring to go. I still can’t figure out the thing (reverse-Polish??), but I’ve taken to dutifully carrying it around with me. In meetings when I don’t have any idea what’s going on (the vast majority of the time), I just start pounding away on the thing. Then I’ll make some type of reaction (usually a vigorous shaking of my head and a chuckle) as if this wonderful calculating machine as given me some unbelievable numerical insight. Clearly I’ll be moving up the ranks quickly.

Submitted by D.W.

It’s late at night, I haven’t slept more than 3 hours a night for an entire week and the decision to try my luck at banking this summer seems an insane one. To all you ex-bankers out there, how could you ever, possibly do this job? Life in London has been a lot of fun though. The odd weekend has been a real highlight. One weekend a bunch of friends went to Henley, the Royal Boat Regatta, just outside of London. Henley is the quintessential British event. Dressed in light summer suits, one enjoys picnics with far too many Pimms & Lemonades. Another Sunday a friend took me to Garsington Opera. Everyone would wear Tuxedoes during the daytime, enjoy a home prepared snack with Champagne and watch a three hour Mozart Opera set in a beautiful Tudor-style country mansion. The British are superb at hosting these lavish, understated sports/culture events.

Submitted by P.M.

As I look back on my summer and think about all of the amazing places I have traveled to, all the terrific sights I have seen and all that I have learned, I realize that I have not really traveled anywhere and I have seen the same things I saw when I grew up and lived in Chicago for 17 years. I have to say that I am amazed at the terrific places that people in our section have managed to venture over these past few months, all I can offer is my best attempt along with JW to keep the section grounded by hunkering down in the Midwest. My office bares a striking resemblance to something out of the movie Office Space. I sit in a cube with really high walls that is located in a maze of cubes that make you feel like a mouse looking for a piece of cheese or in my case the exit. Staring down the barrel of 9 more weeks of work I had a loaded stapler pointed at my temple until I realized that I had some unfinished business… helping our section win at least one flag football game this fall; which may be best accomplished by keeping me on the sidelines.

Submitted by P.K.