Section Olympics 2003:

If you missed it, you really missed it. Section Olympics was a resounding success as hundreds of RCs spent a sunny Tuesday afternoon running, jumping, tripping, throwing, screaming, vomiting, eating and everything besides. This being HBS, it was sometimes a little heated, but sport and the section bonding was ultimately the winner. The record will show that NJ just edged out the rest to gain the most points, but their pride would have been unlikely to survive taking second anyway. And NB came in last, which is exactly where they wanted to be.

In between there was a mixture of success and tears and the odd humiliation – David Schwartz (NG) single-handedly taking down the 8 remaining ND players in dodgeball, Omari Bouknight (NA) ploughing into the crowd after excessive spinning in Whack and Field and the sweet strains of copious vomiting, or a ‘Roman Incident’ as it is known in competitive eating circles, after the Twinkie finale on Spangler Lawn.

Here are just some of the photos from Section Olympics 2003.