Section J New Year's Resolutions for Term 2

What are Section J’ers resolving to do this term? Here are a few interesting resolutions:

Dan G: Don’t let any axes go unlabelled.

Bobby: Find a new multiple-“8 x EBITDAR” is so…last semester.

Yasu: Quit fighting with Farid for air time-remember, this isn’t the “Yasu Show.”

Bong: Start the HBS chapter of NAPSLA (the North American Professor-Student Love Association).

“Average Joe” Park: Deliver lots of Snapple and Ben and Jerry’s to section J (wearing an orange uniform, preferably).

Reina: Match Dan one-for-one on total bathroom visits.

Farid: Get Paul Oakenfold to headline next all-night party in Gallatin B3-2.

Ralf: Rub-in choice sky deck position at least twice daily.

Tamara and Athelstan: Vigilantly defend proper name pronunciation.

Seth Ure: Find a way to relate genomics to home building.

Francois: Do something humiliating with the stolen German flag-after all, the French were way too lenient after WWI.

BDR: Play strip Finance…alone.

DeVolder: Say smart things, scratch neck vigorously.

Talbott: IPO at least one of Divya’s portfolio companies.

Catherine: Focus on the positive aspects of life on the worm deck (e.g., interesting view of sectionmates’ nostrils).

Farid #2: Let cell phone ring, pretend it’s Ranwa’s.

Micah: Offer at least two Dell references for each of Ash’s comments about software.

Mishev: Chizill with the hizzomies on the warning trizzack.

Sumi: Attend more Friday morning classes than Sophia.

Sarah: Keep making Section J smile!

January 21, 2003
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