NH Battles ND on Road to Playoffs

NH and ND battled this past Monday, with NH emerging with a 4-1 victory.

The game featured continuous back and forth play, with Santiago “Watch Where My Elbows Are and You Won’t Get Hurt” Marra controlling much of the midfield for ND. However, Sahil “What Happened to My Skydeck Award” Patel stepped up to mark Santiago remarkably, limiting him from taking many shots. In the meantime, John “Hamstring” Bratlien worked tirelessly for ND’s defense, holding off multiple attacks from NH. The half ended with a 1-1 tie, thanks to a header by Thomas “Mr. Rogers Sweater vest” Scriven for NH.

In the second half, NH’s offense opened up the field. Despite fielding a squad that was a player short, ND continued to aggressively mark NH’s offense. NH opened up a small lead on Scriven’s diving header off of David “I’m Just Here For Fun” Frias’ expert throw-in. From there, Alok “You’ll Get My Name Right Someday Gail” Deshpande scored for NH on a breakaway, brilliantly faking the goalkeeper, and Frias placed a shot on the lower post that found its way in for the final goal. Ed Parkinson and Juan Fernandez provided consistently tough defense, and Marcelo “That Was My Goal Last Week” Menusso helping to distribute in the midfield.

Certainly, applause should be directed to Demetria “Crane Kick” Silvera, who survived a foot to the face, leaving the field with a bloody nose.

Sources report that Silvera’s response, upon being asked if she would be back next week, was simply, “Hell yeah.”

Shannon Boxx, leading scorer for the U.S. women’s world cup team and in town for their quarterfinal game against Norway commented: “I am a HUGE supporter of NH. Clearly a solid squad and extremely good looking.”

October 6, 2003
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