NF Solid in Football Opener

Led by the sweet right arm of quarterback Grady Burnett, NF cruised to a convincing win over NI last Thursday. In the first half, NF’s swarming defense held NI’s offense scoreless and provided excellent field position with two early interceptions. The NF defense was led by Stephen “Mad Dog” Garrison whose tenacious pass rush harassed the NI quarterback throughout the game and led some spectators to note a resemblance between Garrison and man’s best friend. When they got the ball, NF’s explosive offense capitalized on the field position with first half touchdown strikes to Brian Morgan and Cara Shortsleeve and successful conversions by David Humphrey and Dave Clark.

Early in the second half NF extended its lead to 20-0 thanks to a spectacular diving catch from Brian “I’m an ops guy” Morgan. During the catch, The Ops Guy somehow managed to cut up his knee on the perfectly manicured field. Fortunately, Morgan was able to continue playing and section athletics experts are confident the pain from the injury will fade sooner than the glory from the ESPY-inspiring catch.

The smell of blood sparked NI to life and a few minutes later they cut the lead to 20-6 with a score of their own. However, all hope of a comeback was extinguished on the very next play when Grady hit Clark in stride for a back breaking end-to-end touchdown. Alex Hartigan scored on the ensuing conversion and NF’s stubborn defense contained NI’s offense for the remainder of the game to seal the win for NF.

October 6, 2003
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