NF Begins with a "W"

NF 2 -1 NG

NF began its quest for intramural soccer glory with a fine, foxy and felicific 2-1 victory over a strong NG. In a tight game, with emotions spilling over and new season nerves on show, NF put in a steely performance. The three Daves – Phillips, Mace and Clark – formed a solid triumvirate across the middle of the park, whilst the two foxy females – Cara Shortsleeve and Jenny ‘the boxer’ Berrien – were sparky up front. Raul Cadena, the cunning Spaniard on loan from Real Madrid, was virtually unbeatable in goal, and made several fine saves.

The first half was a tight, scrappy affair, with both sides fighting fiercely for the ball. Just before half-time, NF’s striker bulldozed the ball home in a move reminiscent of ‘the Fridge’ Perry at his feline best. NG pulled one back just after half time, and spent much of the second half camped in NF’s goalmouth. Fine defensive work by Clark and the evergreen Burnett kept them out. By this time, NGs’ stars were tiring, and the sprightly, fresh-faced Paulson and Bigbee were haring down the flanks like cheetahs. Eventually, NF broke the deadlock, with Jenny Berrien placing the ball home from close range. The physical Berrien and Evans were then involved in a rather heated exchange with a couple of gentlemen from NG. Berrien displayed her fine diplomatic skills, honed by a year at the Kennedy School, to defuse the situation. The game calmed, but the feisty forces of NF managed to hold out until the end.

September 22, 2003
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