NC Start Strong

NC 4 – 3 NH
NC 4 – 2 NA
Argentinian star Rafa Guida Masoni collected a slide rule pass from Aussie Joseph Tesvic on the edge of NH’s area, checked, looked up and unleased a curling left foot shot that shook the back of the net. Five minutes gone and Team C’s season was up and running in style.

Three days and two victories later, the NC misfits have scored 8, conceding 5. Twice in front inside five minutes, level after 35 both times, NC’s combination of flair and never-say-die attitude has been tested to the limit, firstly against NH (thanks Guillaume), then NA (thanks Abel).

Chief conductor throughout this time has been Rafa, whose through-balls allowed Delauno ‘Denilson’ Hinson (one goal) to tear apart NA with his silky skills and Todd Rainville, the man born with jet packs in his feet, to dispatch NH. Rounding out the flair up front were Guillaume ‘try-saying-my-name-quickly-when-drunk’ de Demandolx Dedons (two goals) and Ghanian International Nanakwasi Okrah (one goal).

All that said, the team still needs a spine. Doing its best impressions of alcoholics in a bar at kicking out time, Akos Kassai and Brad Stoltz provided this. Supported by Alex Atzberger, Hiko Sakamoto and Cori Ermler, they strangled the life out of NA’s and NH’s attacks. The few times the opposition did break through they were met by Jason Phillips.

Experts will spend years analysing quite how he stopped a last-minute thunderbolt from NH – they will fail. Final mention to Les Williams whose presence between the posts was so great that his area certainly couldn’t contain him.

So what did we learn this week? Quite simply, if in doubt, turn to the lad with one name. History has shown time and time again, that they always come through, no matter at what age.
‘Go – Abel & Go – C.’

September 22, 2003
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