Keeping it Ugly

Re-emerging from the throes of last week’s shock defeat, NA embraced a much-needed victory in game 3 against NB. The first minutes of the game were indeed ugly as the two sides fought it out on a somewhat muddy surface that closely resembled an elephant watering hole in central Mozambique. However the rough terrain seemed to favor the all-weather NA’s who commenced coordinated strikes at their opposition’s unfortunate goalkeeper. Spurred on by words of unlikely encouragement (in between cold-calls) from an as yet un-named FRC professor, NA launched a deadly attack in the 22nd minute and yours truly released his second missile of the tournament into the upper right hand corner of the goal. To add insult to injury, Jon Gelb from team NA dazzled NB’s defense with a darting run from midfield and curved a looping shot with the outside of his foot beyond the goalkeeper to secure a 2-0 lead at half time.

The second half commenced with NA attempting to maintain their lead. Due credit must be given to NB who started the half forcefully with a number of testing shots on goal, and first time passes in midfield. NA’s goalkeeper, Dave Tompkins however remained calm and composed, on a day on which even Ronaldo may have had trouble slotting one past him.

Thereafter the NA defense – Brian Auld, Jay Tolley and Christine Kenna maintained an impenetrable wall, which remained uncompromised till the final whistle. The game was all but finished when Bedii Yucaoglu, NA’s top striker secured his 4th goal of the tournament with a classic volley into the left hand corner, which would have left the likes of his fellow countryman, Hakan Sukur, drooling in envy.

Man of the match: Dave Tompkins

September 29, 2003
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