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As most of you know, I’m one of the people that have been walking around all teary-eyed for the past couple of weeks over the prospect of having to end this wonderful vacation from reality. So, I planned to write a heart-wrenching tearjerker of an article, so sad that there wouldn’t be a dry eye left in the section (oh yes, I even planned to get Andrew to shed a tear or two). But then I realized that just wouldn’t be true to Club B form and decided instead to highlight all the good (and not so good) times we’ve had over the past year:

We slid right back into the swing of things in September, this time as second years. Remember watching Skydecks in 108 that first day back?

It felt like nothing had changed (except that Dan had left us to go back to law school)… Then we welcomed NB to the second letter of the alphabet, totally pissed them off with that community standards speech, and then threw a great kegger in the Hamilton Lounge (a long-standing B tradition).

Nothing says party like putting on a costume and we all know OB loves to party. I think that’s why there are always so many Clubbers at dress-up events like Priscilla Ball and the Halloween Party. Jeff and Wanna-B James Jarrett as Hooters girls were priceless as was Gish in a plastic neon green dress and hot pink wig. Honorable mention to Craig as Miss Junior Sun Goddess and Mrs. and Mrs. Brant.

Just before the end of the semester, Kate put together another great holiday party for us at Mantra. Closely following were Holidazzle and the entire section packing into Curtis and Mani’s apartment for the pre-party. Fav memory: When those pizzas arrive and it was like we had never eaten before.

Winter wasn’t the happiest of times for our section.
In early January, Tucker informed us that he was called back to the military (for real this time-it wasn’t just a ploy for another surprise going away party) and would not be able to finish the year with us. I still miss him.

The beginning of February brought us an even more sobering reality after John’s accident. The way we came together as a section to show him our love and support was inspiring and I know he appreciates it. He even made a surprise guest appearance via speakerphone at our Capstone Class last week. John, we love you and wish you all the best.

With spring came a renewal for the section and the best event of the entire year: Club B Olympics. Who will ever forget the battle between the BSDs, Mad Cash Cows, Boys and Babes, and (the obviously plagiarized) Bad Boys and Babes??? The turnout was fantastic! I’m still amazed at how quickly we are able to recall such useless information such as what is the name of the plant where Tony Sarto worked and name four cases we did in Social Enterprise class. They say you are always amazed at the talent of your classmates. That has never been truer than when watching Erin work that hula-hoop. And, of course, props to my girl Kajal for her stellar performance in the “Andrew Right” event. Mary, Steve, and Jeff have my unending appreciation for putting together such an incredible event. Oh yeah and apparently Simon got married that weekend.

Club Karaoke night was next. Finally collecting on our prizes from last year’s auction, Princesses Mary, Eva, Aileen, and I arrived in style via a stretch limo escorted by the world’s greatest bodyguards (a.k.a. Sim, Vivake, Dinesh, and James). The section was totally surprised when our bodyguards burst into the room clearing a path for our fashionably late arrival. No one was more surprised, however, than Prof. Mark Bradshaw, who had 2 tux-clad clubbers ringing his doorbell at 10pm on a Tuesday night encouraging him to come for a ride in the limo with the Princesses (which he did) and do a shot with us (which he did not).

Untapped talent abounded that night from Erin, Wakana, and honorary B-er Tina Snowden. Speaking of non-Bs, there were a ton at our Karaoke night. Just goes to show you which section is always worth hanging out with…

There were many more events throughout the year. With each we will take away lasting memories. This year has been filled with ups and downs, smiles and tears, good times and bad, but throughout it all friendship-and to me, that is what this entire experience called HBS is all about. I love you guys. See you at graduation!

May 5, 2003
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