Editorial: Revenge of the Nerds

Typically, it’s best that The Harbus Editorial Staff preserve the integrity of this revered editorial space for taking on critical issues like the closing of the tunnel system or for asking questions like “should HBS expand the social enterprise curriculum?”. This week we would have followed that tradition, had it not been for the meddling of section I. That damn Section I again.

For those who don’t read The Harbus, or at least missed the last previous episodes, a war of wars has been waged on Section I for their outlandish antics and fillbuster question asking during Burden presentations. The weekly egging, which included peak of a comparison of Section I to Iraq, could only go on for so long. Reminiscent of the seventies classic picture “Network” – they got mad as hell and they couldn’t take it anymore.

On Wednesday April 16, at the presentation of Harvard College President Larry Summers, during the Q&A portion, quintesential Section Ier Jack Guerrero stood to ask his quintessential Jack Guerrero question. But then something went horribly wrong. Instead of claiming Section I, he treaded on harrowed ground and claimed, gulp Section J. My Section J. The crowd ate it up, and admittingly, so did I.

I’m proud that finally a Section Ier stepped up to the plate and for lack of better words, handled his business, and a public and profound way.

Through recognition of the campus talk, they showed a deft sense of humor, perfect taste for timing, and a flair for the dramatic. Bravo Jack and I-Friends. So the skinny kid finally stood up to the bully.

Last week, I swore off personally making fun of Section I, but I hope the banter continues; it makes the time here at HBS even more fun. After reading this week’s That Guy, I have no fear that the fun will go on.

Allen Narcisse (NJ)
Editor In Chief