Continued Market Dominance

Though still young and fresh to the HBS scene, NE has already established a few enviable traditions in IM football:

1) Professors attending our games to cheer us on, providing much-appreciated moral support.

2) Winning.

Marketing prof. Anita Elberse was on-hand to energize the team, providing a useful matrix of the many different competitive advantages that NE has. Let’s examine some of these in a bit more detail:

PRODUCT – Mad skills. One-handed catch by Mandissa “Diva” Quick. Ryan McMonagle had all three touchdowns, two of which required giant leaps into the air! And he’s a giant guy to begin with! QB Chuck Edwards continued to reinforce his strong “golden arm” brand identity. Scott Schweitzer, Jason Yacavone, and Geremy Connor all had great catches, including a few “bullets”. Jay Klug knocked down both the OH quarterback’s passes AND his self-esteem with ceaseless, effective harassment.

PLACEMENT – This could be looked at in a couple of ways. First of all, the “placement” of our defensive players in front of basically every ball the other team threw. NE’s defensive team of Louis Sterling, Nihar Shah, Jim Bonetti, and Damaune Journey all apparently caught more of OH’s passes than OH did. Miss Quick also “placed” herself on the back of an OH player, in a fabulous display of defensive/sexual harassment combo skills.

PROMOTION – Jim Bonetti was “passionate”.

With this win, NE are in the playoffs! Just 2 more wins and they’ll be the IM champs!