Club VPs Form VP Club

(Spangler 201) Following on the footsteps of the Trek Club, which was recently formed by Club Trek organizers, 43 Club VPs formed the VP Club last week.

“The purpose of the club is to share VP information and best practices across organizations,” said VP Club co-founder Bettina Houston. “Imagine the great parties the religious clubs will start having once the VPs of Social for the Latter Day Saints Club and the Catholic Students Association start meeting with the co-VPs of Social from the Midwest Club.”

According to Tyra Johnson, VP of VP Outreach for the VP Club, the club has already delivered important results. “Last Sunday, ten VPs of Operations met at Bertucci’s to clear up the issue ‘What does a VP of Operations actually do?'” said Johnson.

“The Volleyball Club VP of Operations thought his job was to bring the balls to practice. But the Soccer Club’s VP of Operations thought that this was too important to be left in the hands of a VP so one of the co-Presidents took care of it. But neither one had ever spoken to the other about it. That is why this club is so great.”

After three pizzas and an hour long debate, the members reached a consensus on job responsibilities and drafted a universal one-line job description for their position – “To recruit next year’s VP of Operations.”

October 27, 2003
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