Casting Aspersions

I was innocently reading an article about London’s financial regulation in The Economist last week when I had to stop mid-yawn and laugh. There they described one of the world’s largest management consultancies as “highly regarded by those who work for it.”

When you are also one of the largest recruiters of Harvard graduates that sort of comment has got to hurt. So, just to level the playing field a little I have compiled a similar series of “tiny truths” for some of the other key Harvard recruiters who might be on campus in the coming weeks.

Information technology:
Since the collapse of the dot com bubble it’s not so much about “cutting edge” as “cutting corners”.

Investment banking:
Where business confidence appears to be inversely proportional to CEOs salaries (exactly what did Dick Grasso do that was wrong?).

Real Estate:
Well of course we can’t admit that there’s a property bubble…

When in doubt, run for Governor of California.

Anything will sell if you get the pitch right. Just think of Pop Tarts.

The future is oil. Always has been, always will be.

Sustainable development:
The future is oil. Always has been, always will be.

All joking aside, good luck to everyone for the job search ahead. And let no one cast aspersions on your final choice.