All About I

Why is it that people always criticize that to which they aspire but, frankly, will never be? Its funny, but after being prominently featured in this magazine for the past semester by guys who can only guess what I is all about, I thought that it is time to show other sections what having a good time is all about…

The international front has been strong in throwing dinners and parties… in and out of class. The guests at Caf‚ Saint Petersburg were very amused when a bunch of Iers took over the place and went strong on a pink drink that looked like Cosmo but tasted like vodka. Our English gentleman took over the piano while the guys led by Andrew (or should I say Andrei) attempted to dance Russian style and judging by Arturo’s appetite for four pieces of cake, the night was a success… . I took over 110% of Iruna restaurant in Harvard square for a taste of Spain, but unfortunately there was no room left for flamenco. Or Asereje for that matter.

In class, we had great presentations. Thanks to our China connection, we “explored” Chinese candies. But the Latin contingent has been the strongest this semester. Half of I, can dance salsa now and have been practicing regularly at Sophia’s, but not happy with that Mauro, Alejandro and Carolina organized a “presentation” about Latin America in class.

The pictures were good, but its no secret we came for the food. I even saw a couple of professors hiding in the back!

So more Latin, I took off to Punta Cana in Dominican Republic for Spring break. Well, there are no Italians in this section, but The Mafia closed the bar every night at the hotel except for one… where our Romans took over the hotel, played the ancient game of “beer pong” before heading over to the local bar because the disco was too modern for classic Rome… The toga party attracted several non Iers staying at the hotel but, well, maybe John, Will, Chris Pan (honorary Ier) and Jason can tell you more about it. We may not have Italians, but the prince of Metakistan is definitely an Ier.

I hit the ski slopes in Killington earlier, while the weather was still cold (!!). One would think that I found peace and quiet in the mountains, but it was not to be since the neighbors, fire department and the cops decided to join us after the party heated up and almost burned down the house… too much aprŠs-ski, it seems. And… well, there is always the usual Girls nights, Guys nights, poker nights, dinners, hypnosis shows, twinkies…
…We are just sorry that it is too late for you to apply to I this year!!