Where are They Now?

I have been asked time and time again – well, at least two times – what has happened to the numerous couples sent out on Intraviews. Since I frankly had no idea, I thought now would be a good time to find out. So here are the official results of the Where Are They Now? survey:
First, what everyone wants to know: what is Goldie’s success rate? Well, Goldie has one big success to her credit – Kim and Lincoln, who both describe their relationship as in the “going out” stage. After that, we have one anonymous couple that went out on a second date after their first Intraview, and are still in the process of figuring out what to do next. And there are a whole slew of couples that swear they really plan on going out again but just haven’t gotten around to it – come on guys, get off your duffs!

The good news is that the Intraview participants were almost universally satisfied with their experience. When asked what they would change about their Intraview, most said they wouldn’t change anything at all. A few gents wisely suggested they would try not to get lost next time, and one suggested that the evening would have been improved with the addition of a mariachi band.

My esteemed alumni also had a variety of interesting suggestions to spice up the Intraview process. One alumnus suggested that future Intraviews consist of “an evening with 3-4 singles, lots of alcohol, dinner, and see what happens!” I think an orgy is what happens. Not that it wouldn’t make good copy, it’s just a little hard to organize with the HBS crowd. Another alumnus requested “Intraviews with Playmates and Hollywood actors.” Once again, excellent plan, but a little difficult to organize. A little easier to organize was the request that Goldie’s articles include more charts and graphs like supply/demand curves. In this case, your wish is my command(Exhibit 1).

When asked how the Intraview experience changed their lives, many alumni pointed to the wave of publicity that washed over them post-Intraview. One Intraviewee is in the process of selling the movie rights to his Intraview, and one lucky anonymous alumnus is now the beneficiary of free phone sex. I wonder which one…

Mark and Mary’s Haitian Cab Bingo easily established itself as the favorite Intraview in the hearts and minds of the Intraviewee cadre, although there is a clear difference between the alumni’s favorite Intraview and the Intraview they would have most liked to have gone on(Exhibit 2). In fact, one Intraviewee explained that the reason why she liked the Mark and Mary Intraview was because she “now knew to avoid that guy like the plague.” Sorry Mark! Exotica and good old fashioned romance won out in the voting for the date they would most liked to have gone out on, with Eva and Martin’s London trip and Kim and Lincoln’s love fest gaining dominant positions But don’t let the Intraviewees themselves get the final word on favorite Intraview – vote for yourself on-line at I feel like Bob Costas.
I’d just like to end this summary with a word of thanks to all who participated – without you, Goldie would be nothing more than an unemployed MBA candidate. Oh, wait! I am an unemployed MBA candidate. But I’m an unemployed MBA candidate with my own column.

February 25, 2002
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