What's up at J-Crew

In an amazing turn of events, it turns out that my column two weeks ago about potential nuptials was prophetic. Velina Peneva became the first female J to get engaged. Her ring is lovely and her fianc‚ is a real peach, but quickly she admitted her true reasons for accepting his offer. After a moment of reflection, Ms. Peneva said, “Well, Rebecca said that we needed a J-girl to take it for the team, so I did! Take that Heidi.” She is greatly looking forward to planning the wedding on top of reading cases and looking for jobs. If anyone knows of a nice place in the Boston area that lets her guests party like rock stars all night long, please be so kind as to pass the contact information to her.

Another amazing turn of events – J-Crew has totally redeemed itself in the sports arena. Now, we are not just great boatracers (OJ and NK among others can attest to that), but we are also great basketball players. We have won all of our games by a wide spread both on the A team and the B team. Jaime Irick had this to say, “Greatness on the court takes great leadership behind the scenes, and so I thought I would offer up my greatness. I brought my West Point poise and battle-ready stamina to bear and inspired the team to achieve its potential. Oh, and by the way, I’m single, Aries and looking for love.”

Our own Mode Atluri did well in the nuptials front. His wife, Josephine, helped prepare a five course dinner for twenty eager Jers at the very nice restaurant where she is interning, Aspasia. I highly recommend her butternut squash bisque. She is attending the CIA – and Deana, this means “Culinary Institute of America.” She is rapidly winning the hearts and minds of her section. We have been the grateful recipients of Thanksgiving pies and other goodies. But Pam Smith says her favorite Josephine goodie was “those little chicken things at the Superbowl Party.” Andre Martinelli, however, chose to offer up his version of Aspasia’s Zagat reference: The “culinary intern” prepares “wonderfully delicious” cold “appetizers” and is a “lovely and personable” young woman whose husband, “nonetheless,” is “a complete weenie.” But, Andre, shouldn’t you be thanking Mode for that expert pass in Strategy class? For the record, Martinelli continues to claim that he really did a pricing study during his time at McKinsey.

And so for this week, showing our true diversity, we have a cultural trip to the JFK museum to see the Jackie O exhibit, pottery painting, our weekly viewing of “Sex and the City”, pub night at Hong Kong, celebration of the Chinese New Year, a wine and cheese discussion of U.S. unilateralism and my personal favorite, a night out at the WWF smackdown. Special thanks to Tom Nassim for making sure that we all get a little taste of culture. Perhaps, Tom, you should have included bringing the WWF to developing nations in you ten year memoire? Well, Sarah is still accepting revisions.