Whaiku no Haiku?

Ah, yes. The haiku competition. Believe it or not, I received haikus from only two individuals by Wednesday evening, effectively ending A Haiku Competition to See If We Should Have a Haiku Competition on a bit of a down note. However, that’s not going to stop me from printing the haikus I did get. First, a vaguely depressing one from someone in NC:
Longing and hoping
for a deeper connection.
Alas, no dice…yet.
Here’s a more upbeat one from an anonymous pregnant redheaded member of OC:
Goldie, O Goldie,
Beautiful, kind, and witty.
Give me a dollar?
No, anonymous pregnant redheaded lady, I won’t give you a dollar, but thanks for trying.

So what are we going to do about the Celebrity Intraview with Goldie? If we’re not going to have a haiku competition, then what are we going to do? I know for a fact that my mother reads this column (Hi Mom!), and I also know that this is getting to be a bit embarrassing. I am therefore turning to you, my semi-loyal readers, for ideas on how to get me an Intraview. Some of you are very clever, so you must have some ideas. Please?

E-mail questions, thoughts, job offers and ideas on how to date Goldie off to I now receive what one could almost call a steady stream of correspondence, correspondence for which I am grateful.

February 19, 2002
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