Welcome to The Harbus, Your "Other" Section

In The Harbus inaugural 2002 issue last January, I promised a walk on the wild side. Welcome (back, ECs) to the wilderness.

As I said then, this year we face the uncertainties of war and terrorism both abroad and at home, and the economy seems determined to stay undeterminable for a time too uncomfortable to mention in polite conversation. Unlike January, however, those conversations are seldom polite anymore.

And oh yes – it’s still an election year and the contests are heating up. Just ask your classmates whose family members are in one.

I was proud last January of the new executive Editorial team I selected, and after having worked with them for a term, I can say even my high estimations then were underestimations of this incredible team. I know most of us here can or will identify with this experience of HBS peers – it is the essence of HBS – but this is truly an extraordinary group among extraordinary groups.

I’m proud to work with each of them as I am with our production designers and publishing team, all of whom work weekly (or daily) to produce The Harbus every week, no matter what. Each week they enrich my faith in this community and the success of the HBS mission with their diligent and selfless work, always living up to their seat at the community table.

With our Editorial team, our community is well represented. In the team of eight editors including myself are four Ivy League graduates and three State School graduates; a mother of two; an Egyptian, an African-American, two Texans, a gay man (myself), an Irishman, and a Latino; Republicans, Democrats, and “Others;” the partnered and single; Christian, Jewish, Universalist, and Muslim faiths; backgrounds in consulting, i-banking, dot com, marketing, manufacturing, and not-for-profits.

Together with our contributing writers (that means you, dear reader), these pages regularly pop and crackle with the fiery mix of experiences and ideas that make HBS a separate dimension unto itself.

The Harbus 2002 Edition is divided into distinct sections, each led by an Editor with her or his own vision and style. And Editors collaborate across sections. RCs please note there are several open Associate Editor positions for those interested and who dare. The Harbus is one of the greatest opportunities available.

One important note of clarification. Many students don’t realize that The Harbus is an independent organization, a publication of the not-for-profit Harbus News Corporation whose board members include the section-elected Harbus Representatives.

Accumulated profits from past years were used a couple years ago to establish The Harbus Foundation, a wholly separate entity, which issues grants to other not-for-profits. Therefore, we are not a wealthy organization.

In fact, advertising sales have been dismal, as have our financial results. However, the Editorial team is committed to fulfilling our community mission through this tough time, and our Publishing team is working successfully and diligently with us under a new manager to keep our heads above water.

Our editorial mission is to serve the HBS community by acting as a medium for our communal voice, and so we also rely on your participation as readers and contributing writers to achieve that purpose. To our new RC colleagues and partners: we hope you will consider making The Harbus a notable part of your experience here. (A new Editorial team must emerge from your ranks by year-end.) And to ECs and partners: we hope you will continue to do so.

Finally, a note of continued thanks: by allowing an independent organization such as The Harbus to both operate and distribute our paper on campus with no official oversight beyond that of self-governing students, the Harvard Business School administration shows extraordinary forbearance and trust in our Editorial team and the independent voices in our student body.

The administration’s support is a testimony to the values they challenge us as students to espouse, and for this they deserve our abiding respect and gratitude.

Now on with our journey. None of us knows what the remainder of this calendar year will bring. But each of us knows we won’t be in it alone, and The Harbus will continue to serve as a gathering place for the ideas, information, passions, and laughter of a community that walks through it together.

Nick Will