Two Taboos – Unhappy and Single at HBS

Does the idea of section bonding make you nauseas? Are you developing arthritis from sitting in the same seat, in that same room? Are your section mates spreading “she’s too good for us” rumors because you haven’t been seen at the last ten section events this past month? Are you bruised from bumping into the twin size bed in your “large” HBS dorm room? If the answer to any of the above questions is “yes” then congratulations – you just experienced the 1st year at HBS and guess what, it could be worse – read on.

I caught your attention, didn’t I? Thought so. I never thought I’d expose myself so vulnerably, but hey – you only live once, and I’m leaving in less than 5 months! With that said, I felt it was important to address a couple of seemingly “taboo” issues before I left these hallow halls.
First, being completely unhappy and unsatisfied at the world’s best business school. So what’s wrong with me if I don’t feel like bonding with my section? If I think that meeting for study groups is a waste of my time? Or if I don’t feel like spending $100 to dress up in Black-tie, eat a disappointing meal, and dance to bad music all night?

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! One of the beauties of this place is that we all come from different backgrounds and love to do different things. If you were an artist or a musician before you got here, then PLEASE go find a studio or a practice room to nurture your art. Just because we’re smart, driven, and hard workers doesn’t mean we can’t be emotionally stable, well-rounded, spiritual, and happy adults!

Second, living HBS life unattached to anyone special – otherwise known as single (I know it’s a horrid word here). So, you think I’m single because my standards are too high, or the hours in my day are filled with cases. Perhaps you say that it’s because I’m waiting to be swept off my feet or because the planets have been misaligned… Yeah, right.
How about the fact that almost 21% of the Class of 2002 is married, another X% is gay, and the other Y% that’s left couldn’t possibly imagine dating an HBS woman for fear that she’s more intelligent than they are, more controlling, and couldn’t possibly ever want to have a family? Why is it that the single men on campus can’t wait to tell the next sweetie that he’s attending HBS, and the single women try to avoid the brand completely? Why can’t we get to know each other for who we are and not for what our resumes say?

I may have been an unhappy first-year, but as a ready-to-graduate second year, I have found my groove so to speak and am planning to have a ball- even if I stay single! How, you ask? By nurturing my mind, body, and soul, chasing after my dreams, and getting to know the real souls at HBS.

PS – My closest friends know that I could not possibly get an article published in the Harbus without a quote from my boys – U2. So, as Bono would say “…The goal is soul…Be uncool, yes be awkward, a soul needs beauty for a soul mate…” And I say, peace out kids and enjoy the ride.

February 4, 2002
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