Traffic Party – Incident Report

Over 300 first year’s and a few second years got caught up in some “traffic” last Saturday night caused by brattle lounge entertainment (ble)… we decided to investigate by interviewing ble…

What was the traffic party all about?
ble: There’s been all this talk about section love and speculation about people’s [relationship] status. We thought traffic would be a fun and entertaining way to get at this hot topic. The basic idea is that one wears green if available, red if not, and yellow if undecided.

Where did the idea come from?
One of our European classmates, Heidi Bryson, actually suggested the idea to us. Meanwhile, Chris Pan was in Prague this past summer and had actually attended one of these – it was pretty hilarious and wildly successful. So, we decided to give it a go…

Any accidents?
Well… we did notice a few couples showing up in different colors… And there were a few other surprises as well… we can’t really say on record, but just ask anyone who was there…

We noticed some people wearing black?
We think those people wanted options… either “shy greens” or “shady reds”… We also provided party favors to help people express themselves… especially if they changed their mind in the course of the evening…

Any observations on traffic patterns?
We thought traffic was pretty smooth for the most part… people were speeding around the dance floor enjoying a lively mix of dance, hip hop, and house tunes… directed by the traffic light above the DJ booth and surrounded by lots of green light (provided by the glowsticks)… a very energetic atmosphere… and there was a huge “parking area” in the back of the club for people to lounge and talk… many people commented that the venue was quite conducive for our traffic patterns…

What is brattle lounge entertainment anyway?
We are a group of first years, Laetitia Pichot, Chris Pan, Karen Cervoni, and Paul Cairns, who thought it would be fun to entertain our friends and classmates by creating exciting and unique themed experiences.

What’s behind the name?
During orientation, we had a number of gatherings at Chris’ place on brattle street. Word started spreading about this place on brattle where everyone was hanging out and people started referring to it as “the brattle lounge”… the name kinda stuck…

How did it all get started?
For a party to celebrate the completion of foundations, Chris asked a few of the “regulars,” Laetitia, Paul, and Karen, to help host. We all had a great time and decided that we worked well as a team.

Several late (and crazy) parties later, Chris’ landlord sent him a notice saying that the parties were keeping the neighbors up late and threatened to evict him and his roommate if the parties continued…

Similarily, Laetitia had hosted a pajamas party that got broken-up by the police just after 1:00am for noise. The aftermath was quite amusing… over a hundred hbs students wondering around the streets of allston… in pajamas.

After these two incidents, we realized that we needed a bigger place to entertain our friends and that we could create the “brattle lounge experience” anywhere… it was really about friends hanging out and having a great time… and the themes added to the fun…

Future plans?
We’ll keep going as long as our friends are entertained and we are having fun… we have already received requests for the next event and we are working on it… stay tuned! Hopefully, when people look back on their favorite hbs experiences, some of them will include our events! See you at the next event!

November 4, 2002
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