Strange Behavior

As did the whole RC class, the A-Team began another new course this past week-The Entrepreneurial Manager. Normally this would not merit more than a few words, much less a few sentences, in this column. However, the section’s behavior so far in this class is just way too bizarre and comical not to investigate. Perhaps what is more perplexing is trying to figure out exactly why these changes have developed. Did Professor Linda Cyr’s picture of herself hanging off a cliff of ice inspire us to take more risks in our classroom banter? Or is it her

cold-calls-throughout-the-entire-class approach that has kept people on their toes? (For the record, at least three people have been cold-called mid-class for simply nodding their heads in agreement/support, not to mention countless others who have been singled out for no apparent reason whatsoever.) Maybe the experience of Hell Week has beaten up some people so badly that they just frankly don’t care what they say anymore? My personal theory is that some sort of drug is being piped through the ventilation system during EM. Whatever the reason for the change in pace and tone of the case discussion-let’s keep it up.
Many of us have especially enjoyed the student-teacher confrontations. Two stick out in my mind as particularly noteworthy:

Chris Young: “What I think we’re forgetting here is that Bob and Sam are buddies.”

Professor Cyr: “So, you’re just going to ask your friend for three hundred thousand dollars?”

Chris Young: “Well, in the world I’M from, that’s really not that much to ask.”

Professor Cyr: (Thinks: Well excuuuu-uuuuse me! He’s getting a 4.) Says: “Oh, I see.”

Malkah Buchweitz: “The way you phrased the question seems like you’re assuming that all of us actually want to be entrepreneurs, or in an entrepreneurial company. But I have worked in both a entrepreneurial company and a bureaucratic one, and I’m not sure what is right for me.”

Professor Cyr rewords the question.

Malkah responds: “Oh, so you just want us to pretend then.”
As Ace Ventura would say, “Somebody STOP them!”

All I know is that if every class started out with a comment like “Well, let me consult my notes-uh, it seems that I have left my notes at home,” (courtesy of Vuk Djunic) the rest of the term would fly by in a flurry of laughter, “violent disagreements,” and other various goofy remarks.
Before we returned from Hell Week, a few others things happened since the last section recap that are worth mentioning:

o The Finance 1 exam. But alas, Finance 2 is just around the corner.

o Another spectacular International Dinner at Javier’s house. While nothing will ever live up to the Toad in the Hole, it’s fair to say that once again, we all ate ourselves silly and had a great time.

o Later on that same night, most of the A-Team came out to the House of Blues to support Corporate Whore in their “Sell-Out” tour. While my fiance Dustin Weinberger remained innocent and respectable, others, such as Neil Edwards, fell quickly to the “rock-star lifestyle” and accepted various undergarments being thrown at him (from Tony Carango’s girlfriend, no less!), which were assembled on his guitar as the night progressed.

o Spring Break has been organized, and the forty or so of us going to Brazil are extremely grateful to Caroline Cake, Amanda Key, Josh Phillips, and of course the home-country hosts Leonardo Goncalves and Rui Miadaira. With the sub arctic winds we’ve been facing lately, it’s nice to imagine a sunny, sandy destination awaiting us in the near future.

o Hell Week. I’ll let the name speak for itself.
By the time this article is printed, we will have also finished the Notorious BGIE Midterm and enjoyed a long President’s Day weekend. Let’s hope that everyone returns refreshed and ready to continue the mayhem in EM.

February 19, 2002
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