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Big-E kicked off last weekend with an unbeatable showing of support for our HBS Show participants. But the solidarity of the group was compromised 24 hours later when, much to the chagrin of wives and girlfriends across Cambridge, the men of the section went on some sort of field trip to Canada. Apparently it had something to do with our four recently engaged gentlemen. We’re told the trip was both educational and cultural. The award for most dedicated bachelor definitely goes to one Mr. Eric Paley, who defied all odds (and a passport in New York) to make it to Montreal in time to participate in…well, we’re not exactly sure what. We would have liked to publish photos, however, none have been forthcoming. Meanwhile, the girls painted the town red on Saturday, starting at Jae’s and continuing onto the dance floor.

This week:
E vs. the world?
The Olympics provided Big-E a great opportunity to demonstrate just how far we have come as a section. Evidently, far enough to keep us just out of medal contention. But we had a great time. Thanks also to Andrea Mitchell for organizing our own “E-lympics” so that no section member’s talent goes without recognition. Fortunately, we do have pictures of these events, but we’re saving them for weddings and reunions. A few we’ll not quickly forget: Chun showing us how to drink Ocean Spray, Logan showing us how real men eat Kiwis, and Kira rapping in Spanish. We eagerly await the Britney Spears sing-off…

May 6, 2002
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