Section I

I tell ya, we are a fashion conscious bunch here at Section I, and it sure was evident on the slopes of Killington. Even with his fiery red jacket, boots and skis, Karl Holmes still felt inadequate – he was considering going Prada or Gucci. And I am sorry Peter Calamari, but your matching lemon-yellow ski jacket and woolen cap were just no match to Ning Sun’s baby blue jacket, gloves, goggles, neck warmer, fleece cap… (am I missing anything?) Miss Sun even went all the way to custom order her mirror-faced goggles because the usual yellow/orange tinted lenses just didn’t match her overall look. Phew!

But as for how well people actually skied/boarded? Well, nobody seemed to have a clue because we all went on our own way. Throughout the three days we were there, I didn’t bump into a single Section I’er… except for 20 minutes when we all gathered for the group picture. Everyone donned his/her “Sunday” best and was all ready to strike a pose.

In total, almost 40 Section I’ers and partners headed to Vermont. With only 8 one-bedroom condos, some of us got the shorter end of the stick and had to crash on the floor. You thought that sucks? It could be worse, ask Chris Dixon why he left his highly coveted bed space in the middle of the night and opted for the musty floor in the kitchen. I guess Fabian Rosado’s Puerto Rican Slumber Rhapsody in C Minor was a bit too much for Chris to take. And one big mystery of the weekend: would Jason Price care to explain how he managed to squeeze into an all-girls’ room? Did you repeat your Halloween act and wear nothing but your navy blue Speedos to get Charlotte Relyea, Ingrid Bekkers, Ning Sun, Melissa Bridgeford and Amanda Siegel to let you in?

After the second day of skiing, some of us went home on Sunday night, and I really feel sorry for them. Because for those who stayed behind and crashed into Condo #G5 for a pizza night, little did we know we were to walk into one of the most amazing concerts, by none other than our own Peruvian star – Jorge O’Hara!! Although he did list in his classcard that his interests include playing guitar and harmonica, but man, he was ____ (please choose any one of the following adjectives: good, great, stunning, breathtaking, mind-blowing, eye-popping, jaw-dropping). You could tell by that look of admiration on those girls’ faces (and on the guys too, admit it) as Jorge played and sang into the night, from The Piano Man to Tears in Heaven, American Pie to Spanish love songs. Last I heard was Wael Sawan tried to arrange guitar and singing lessons with Jorge. Well, as we waited with bated breath for our Lebanese “Ricky Martin” to learn the trade, during intermission, Guy Zaczepinski’s girlfriend Michelle took over and similarly filled the room with her wonderful voice.

From all the skiers/boarder/posers/snorers, a big THANK YOU to Jennifer Wilson and Brandt Pyles for organizing such an amazing weekend. This sure is a great start to a great semester at HBS.

January 28, 2002
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