Section B Competes in Boston Marathon

While most HBS Students spent Patriots Day lounging in the sun, reading cases, or searching for that perfect summer job, 12 members of Section NB competed in the 2002 Boston Marathon.

The night before the race, these sectionmates gathered at the house of Michael Chang for the traditional pre-race meal of pasta. After dinner and a few drinks, Section B decided to hit the Hong Kong for “one last Scorpion Bowl” before the next morning’s race.

Each section member had a different reason for running the race. Some were running for charity. Others just wanted to accomplish a life goal. Most were tricked into thinking this was the Boston 5K.

By the end of the day, 10 exhausted members of Section B had completed the race. Although it the 26-mile course had tested their limits of physical endurance, all were satisfied with their performance. (Author’s note: As of this article’s deadline, 2 members were still trying to complete the race.)

Here are some photo highlights from Monday’s race: