SA/MBA Award Recognizes Four EC Students' Service

Congratulations to Chris Grosso (OH), Kevin Mohr (OI), Sasha Grinshpun (OH) and Peter Platzer (OJ) the most recent recipients of the SA MBA Award. The award serves to recognize students who excel in their efforts to improve or promote the extended HBS community, increase the morale and sense of community at HBS, and encourage other community members to engage in activities that improve or promote the extended HBS community.

Chris Grosso has been active in a number of SA Senate Committees, including serving as the co-chair of the Housing and New Construction Committee. Working with this committee, Chris has improved the lottery system for HPRE housing, and as a direct result of Chris’s tireless efforts, there will never again be a need for students to camp out in Harvard Square for access to immediate-occupancy apartments. He has also made it possible to post more detailed housing information to all incoming students through his work with the prematriculation website, including a comprehensive rent analysis by neighborhood. Chris has also served the student community as an active member of the Senate’s Student Services Committee.

Like Chris, Kevin Mohr has been a dedicated contributor to a number of committees. He agreed to take on one of the most thankless posts on campus-co-chair of the Student Services Committee, which is dedicated to dealing with a number of behind-the-scenes issues, including: campus security, student health services, vending and food service, and facilities, among others. Kevin, with the support of numerous HBS Facilities employees, accomplished what many considered to be the impossible task of securing an additional employee to staff the post office in Spangler and allowing students to access the mail drop box and stamp machines even after-hours. In addition, Kevin has been a crucial member of the Senate’s Operations Committee.

Sasha Grinshpun and Peter Platzer were nominated for their work with the Career Teams Program. The program, devised by Sasha and Peter, facilitates group support for career self-assessment and individual action plans. Working with Career Services, Sasha and Peter coordinated 19 EC student Team Leaders to help RC students with their career development process. Each Team Leader participated in nine two-hour group sessions along with periodic Team Leader discussions. Sasha and Peter’s efforts have made a lasting impact on the HBS Community, as Career Services will continue to offer this program in future years.
Award candidates can be nominated by students, faculty or administrators. The Awards Committee, consisting of the Student Association Executive Committee and two MBA Student and Academic Services staff representatives, reviews all nominations. The Awards Committee selects winners based on leadership, initiative, selfless service, contribution to the community, and building community connectivity.

If you are interested in nominating a student for this award, please follow the link on the left-hand side of the SA homepage at

March 4, 2002
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