Responses to Sharon vs. Arafat Article

Dear Mr. Will,

I am a second year student, originally from Tel Aviv, Israel. I am writing to condemn the article “Sharon vs Arafat” by John Shepherd published in the last Harbus, dated February 19, 2002.

As the editor of the HBS newspaper, I expected from you discretion regarding your selection concerning the articles you choose to publish. The Harbus is not a forum for anti-Israeli, one-sided, misleading articles, even when stating one’s own misinformed, personal opinion.

As an Israeli, I am used to reading anti-Israeli propaganda, but rarely am I confronted with such a blunt blend of misstatements. The greatest historians would not call Menahem Begin, the Prime Minster who signed a historic peace agreement, a terrorist like the writer did. One can disagree with Sharon, however, calling him “anything but a peace maker” needs to be based on facts or knowledge of the situation that clearly were not reflected in the article.

I do not intend to debate the details of the article itself or enter into a political argument; anyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. This is one of the benefits of a democracy. I learned to respect this in Israel, the sole democracy in all of the Middle East.

My only intention is to doubt the legitimacy bestowed upon the writer by your paper. In such sensitive times, this article is both provocative and presents a one-sided, misinformed, misguided view.

In addition, I find it extremely disturbing that your newspaper does not follow the HBS community standards. I find this article offending, inaccurate and one sided (I believe these go against the community standards).

I strongly believe an apology is required in your next paper, at the minimum.

Gad Caspy (OK)