OF Throws Eventful Tadpole Shower

With Shannon Warder, Jen Fan, Sarah Holland, and Deborah Crawford all expecting tadpoles, there was certainly cause to celebrate. So Section OF took over the Hamilton Lounge on April 20th, holding a section Co-ed Naked Tadpole Shower. OK, maybe one of those adjectives doesn’t apply. Cake was served and drinks were flowing as Frogs ponied up to wager on the arrival dates and weights of the new tadpoles, as well as on different flavors of LVDM-approved Beech Nut baby food.

This event was also the first time the section got to meet month-old Ignacio Segura. Unfortunately, Ignacio seemed more interested in sleeping than meeting the gang whose private wealth his dad Felix will soon be managing.

Additionally, a couple more good couple stories came out at the shower. Michelle and Jason Lockwood announced that they are expecting their first tadpole in November. The Harbus asked for an inside scoop on the story behind this event, but all Michelle would say is, “He didn’t have the beard back then.”

Sormeh Dowlatshahi had a recent adventure with her boyfriend Nader Vafaie. The two had big weekend Meet the Parents plans, as both Nader’s family and Sormeh were convening in Phoenix for a get-together. Sormeh was a little nervous, as this was only going to be the second time she was going to spend time with the whole clan, and eight of Nader’s relatives would be joining them. So while Nader went to the airport to pick them up, Sormeh stayed behind and got ready, planning to meet them out at a restaurant. Of course, we’re talking about Sormeh here, so she ended up arriving “fashionably” late. Nader then explained to her that he had already ordered the mussels appetizer for her, and promptly started reintroducing Sormeh to his family members. The waiter brought the mussels, but then he quickly returned with another plate-covered this time, which he put down in between Sormeh and Nader. The waiter then dramatically removed the lid and revealed a single mussel.

Sormeh was beginning to realize there was some kind of Squeeze play going on, but instead of “Pulling Mussels” from a shell, Nader dug in and came out with an engagement ring! He promptly proposed to Sormeh in front of his entire family, and she accepted. After much rejoicing, toasting, and tears of joy, Sormeh and the family spent a wonderful weekend together, and Sormeh reports it was full of many other surprises, but none as big as the proposal.

Roberto Anker also retold the story of his recent engagement, although his proposal had a different element of risk to it. After the recent spate of warm weather turned cold again, Roberto tried to get his girlfriend Ximena Bautista to go for a walk with him after dinner. She was very reluctant, but after much coaxing they went for an evening stroll, and ended up along the Charles River by the Mass Ave bridge. There Roberto pulled out the ring and proposed with the Boston skyline in the background. Ximena accepted, and the couple quickly ran back inside to make a toast.

After the shower, the section headed off to see The HBS Show, so that we could enjoy Darren Crawford’s set design, Alex Mandl’s crafty writing, and Anne Hocker’s and Sunny Jong-saritwong’s lively dancing. Actually, Sunny pulled the subtlest F-Flashing we’ve ever witnessed, which really got the crowd going. As did the reference to last year’s Section F Wonder Woman Incident.

A great effort to all involved in putting on the Shower and the Show, and congratulations to the new parents and fianc‚s!

In this column next week: Exclusive update on the Job Status of the Members of Section OF.