NH: Spring Break 2002

On March 25th, Aldrich 9 looked different under the fluorescent lights. While Professor Koehn continued to enlighten us with her usual entrepreneurial spirit and Professor Pill again wowed us with his masterful chalkboard cartography skills, a new, warm cast of sun-kissed skin highlighted by bright-colored clothing, and tired eyes yet new vigor and life filled the room. Josh Jarrett pulled out his folded Chiquita banana case that he had finished reading on the 12 hour flight the night before, but talking about those bananas in BGIE reminded twenty-one Section H’ers of the monkeys that danced around behind us in Costa Rica as we laid on the soft sands of Manuel Antonio beach. And the “seeds” of Onset Ventures brought back memories of Drew Robinson’s tasty yet seedy watermelon drink concoction ala Spring Break. Like the rest of HBS, Section H just revisited their college years and lived through “Spring Break 2002”!

Here’s how some of our fellow Section H’ers spent their week:
Min Zhang: I went to Puerto Rico. One of the best experience in the trip was swimming in the Carribean Sea under the moon in a calm water full of sparkling microorganism. A magic moment.

Barry Gittleman: (I went to) Paris. Met with Alexandre Pham on Monday in Paris, saw Jim Morrison’s grave (along with Chopin, Napoleon, Victor Hugo, Oscar Wilde and others), went to top of the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe (200 steps), ate over a dozen croissants, saw lots of tourists get their umbrellas blown inside out in the windy Paris rains. Epiphanies and/or revelations over the week: accepted Atlanta BCG internship during the week, learned that I remembered more than the 10 words of French I thought I still retained from high school (it’s actually almost 50 words), found the sharp spiked fence near Sacre Coeur where I impaled myself in 1989.

Patricia Pu: (I went to) South Beach, Miami, met Joey McIntyre from nkotb (New Kids on the Block) – childhood dream fulfilled (you know the story).

Eric Hiller: (I went to) Costa Rica. Any revelations or epiphanies: Somewhat, but not something I want 1,800 people to know.

Morven Davies: (I went to) Belize and to a party no one really remembers somewhere on a Belizean island with 50 HBSers. Business school students are not original – 50 HBS on small Belizean island, Stanford next-door neighbours!

Lisa Jacobs: (I went to) Cabo. We were really mellow so I am afraid nothing funny to report. I got to know Kate Bennison well and enjoyed that. I also discovered that one of my best friend’s is even more neurotic than I am – she developed a system for measuring the amount of bottled water we needed and monitored our supply religiously. We have been in the same study group all year – and I got the bad rap as the neurotic one. I was thrilled to have this new information to expose her to the group…that’s all I have to reveal!

LN Sadani: (I went to) London, UK, discovered that when the complete works of Shakespeare are played backwards on a tape, the message is “OJ did it”. Any revelations or epiphanies? Sounds like OJ did it!

Troy Phillips: (I went to) Disney World Orlando and Chicago. I had my picture taken with Mickey Mouse. The Magic Kingdom has not changed one bit since I first went there in
1982 at the age of 7.

Valerie Santos: My sweetie and I went to Argentina – specifically to Buenos Aires, Iguazu falls, and to San Carlos de Bariloche. I learned that horses are meant to be ridden – not sat on. On an otherwise wonderful horseback ride overlooking parts of the Argentinian lake district in northern Patagonia, my horse, Arturo, did me wrong. At some point in our excursion, Arturo decided that he preferred to gallop – with or without my permission – so he took off, leaving me to grip the saddle desperately, yank his reins, and yell in Spanglish (at a presumably Spanish-speaking horse). Our ride left me with a rather sore butt and a strong desire not to sit for awhile – just in time for our 10 hour plane ride home.

Josh Jarrett: I went to Costa Rica with the coolest Harbus Rep out there. I thought it was funny when our neighbors came over at 2 am thinking there was a party with ~50 people. They were a little surprised to find less than 10 of us but ended up hanging out until 4 am. No big epiphanies although I’m not sure I’ll travel around a third world country with 25 people again any time soon.

Walter Delph: (I went to) Costa Rica. Avoid getting bitten by a scorpion. They are poisonous. Too many HBS’ers in a tourist spot does more harm than good to the HBS reputation.