Mixed Mayhem

By Guillermo Villanueva (OB) Club Iberoamericano Representative
Regardless of currency devaluations and few job offers for Harvard MBAs, Latinos feel that there are always good reasons to celebrate and be together. Club Iberoamericano definitely well deserves the reputation as one of the best party organizers on campus after hosting the “Corona” party on Jan 26th, transforming “Aria” into a lively Latin dance club in one of the best events of the year.

First-years enjoyed a well-deserved study break, 36 hours before their Finance I final exam, while second-years continued enjoying their well-deserved second year.

Although many decided to meet early in private houses for drinks, the party started pretty early for Latin standards (9:00 PM) and attendants enjoyed free Corona beer until 11:00 PM.
Entering the party, HBSers could appreciate that David Gomez (OD) had been strategically chosen as the disco bouncer, so no one argued with any of his indications.

As the crowd started to gather and enjoy the free Corona, the “all-in-black” Peru-Argentina group made its entry to the party. Among this group, Melanie Da Trinidade- Asher (NK) , Cris Setuain (OB), and Martha Velando (OG) were the most avid dancers of Chichi Peralta’s classics and latest hits like “Mayonesa.”

By 10:50 PM, minutes before the promotion ended, a group of speculators decided to accumulate huge inventories of the free liquor to enjoy the promotion further. This market inefficiency was quickly solved by the group of speculators gathering more friends than ever around their tables.

Most of the crowd stayed until the music was turned off to continue dancing in after-parties in a night of Latin rhythms, good beer, and celebration of good friendships. Salud !

February 11, 2002
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