MBA Career Services Underlines the Support Available to Students Still Focused on Job Search

With a matter of weeks remaining until the end of term, Wilder House is executing on an integrated package of services to aid EC and RC students still deciding on placement options. So explained Matt Merrick (MBA ’96), Director MBA Career Services, Recruiting Services, and Stacey Kessel, Associate Director, Career Development and Marketing in a recent interview with The Harbus.

One of the main components of the package is the Career Coaching Program. This program offers students a one-on-one slot with an experienced MBA Career Service advisor. The purpose of this program is to provide students with coaching in the form of structured, practical support in career search, as well as a sounding board for evaluating options. Also offered is the chance to practice interview techniques in a risk-free setting. Students can sign up for slots online via my.hbs. “We have ample capacity … students signing up today can avail of open slots next week,” explained Kessel, who has five years’ experience in career development and marketing roles at HBS.

The Spring Resume Book offers potential employers a short list of candidates who are still considering placement options. “We are using it with many different constituents … in contrast to our main resume book, we are not charging for the Spring version,” Merrick outlined. In addition to resending to the School’s main recruiters, the Spring Resume Book is currently being used in discussions with 30 prominent West Coast Venture Capital companies, with a view to securing placement opportunities for HBS students in portfolio companies.

MBA Career Services has also launched a marketing campaign targeting companies’ senior management in geographies as diverse as the US Midwest (Chicago), Asia, and Europe (London and Paris). For example, in Asia, Merrick will meet with 15 prominent companies (including Samsung, Sony, Mitsubishi, and Nippon Airlines) to discuss hiring opportunities for EC and RC students in both the short and medium term. “The reception so far has been very receptive,” said Merrick.

Also, MBA career services has launched a program to support international students looking for positions in the U.S. Through one-on-one sessions, international students can improve their interviewing technique through the use of videotaping. Experienced career advisors offer feedback, as well as advice on the cultural differences in executing a job search in the U.S.

There is early evidence that MBA Career Services’ marketing efforts are gaining traction with employers. For example, job postings on Career Link for February were up 60% when compared to the same period one year ago. Approximately 1,200 jobs were posted through Career Link during the 2000-01 academic year. To date, around 930 jobs have been posted this academic year, a figure that is consistent with a year end total comparable to last year’s. Of course, the mix of positions offered likely has changed. For example, postings from non-profit organizations have increased. That being said, “many of our students are interested in working in [non-profit],” explained Merrick.

April 1, 2002
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