J-Crew Gets some Culture

Making friends as usual as Harbus Rep, I hear that Jaime Irick’s lawyer wants to meet with me. I am “worse than the Enquirer.” Always willing to give you some space for comebacks my friend! Up for the challenge? J-Crewers need no help making themselves seen and heard, however. Over the weekend, a pile (literally, I hear) of Jers went up to Tuck for a ski weekend competition. Our very own Carlos Mier-Y-Teran turned the slopes into slush, bringing home the gold. Irina Zavina found her own way to liven up the slopes as she took a run less than fully attired. Ahem. Also something about exchanging a kiss for a Bloody Mary in the announcer’s booth at 10:30 a.m.? Now, Irina, am I really as bad as the Enquirer?
We had a cultural week with our celebration of Chinese New Year and a much-anticipated case on Mother Russia. On top of the festive dragons and lanterns, J-Crew received a veritable smorgasbord of information about Chinese history and culture. Did you know that they have skiing and beaches in China? It’s huge. And that big wall? It’s not actually connected in every spot. Who knew? Jeff Galvin, that’s who.

After coming down from the slopes, Irina Zavina found her match on the debate team: Andrey Dutov. “Well, I expect Andrey will disagree with me.” Picture Andrey’s grimacing face as Irina waxed prolific about how happy everyone was until they got to see what we had in the west on t.v. One of them is not really Russian, I am just not sure which one. Andre Martinelli, however, put the debates to rest with his wrap-up entitled “Ode to Russia.” As always, Mode, Andre thanks you for the excellent pass. His sister is very proud of him, and Dr. Fear appreciates his bearing our educational burden.

And finally in our week of culture: the WWF Smackdown. I, ahem, unfortunately could not attend. I’m sure it was a lovely performance. Perhaps Tom can now lead us into the cultural arena of monster trucks?
Always in good spirit J!

March 4, 2002