J Meets Vegas & Prepares for Hell Week

I am not sure if we are on Casino Trek II, III, IV or more, but Barry Hytinen led a few more of his fearless gamers to Las Vegas over the long weekend. I pried for the down-low on the evening activities, but didn’t get very far. The party line is that it was pretty tame. Not that I believe that for a second. So, boys why weren’t the girls invited if it was going to be so “tame”? Hmmmm …logical fallacy? Or did you just get bored without us?

I have heard some plans brewing for similar activities next week for those of the section that are taking next week off (not that they will be around to read this). Skiing? New York? One long Superbowl party? Where in the world are the J’s next week? I guess that will be in next week’s column.

For the rest of us, we are getting last minute interview tips, career advice and preparing for the infamous Hell Week. Not a pretty time, but we will get through it. Statistics suggest that a couple of J’s will be off the market in a week’s time. Who could it be? Should we start a poll? WE LOVE POLLS. Let’s get our favorite gamer to figure the odds. Unfortunately, after some comments in Negotiations class today about the scams he pulled on eBay, probably we might want third party verification. Perhaps Professor Bolton can work his magic.

More news following up on last week’s “love” article–last week we had engagements and this week babies. We hear that Kweli Thompson and his wife are expecting in May. The section only just got the news–Kweli says that he “had nothing to do with it”? Hmmm … another logical fallacy? Okay, for the English and Philosophy majors, I realize I am not using this term exactly correctly, but it sure sounds good, doesn’t it? Maybe we should start a poll on our favorite expressions … anyone want to run with that? I challenge my section to work this one in correctly when we return from Hell Week. Mr. Atluri hasn’t been up to his usual standards lately so we all have to pitch in here and there.