I'm Good, I'm Very Very Good.

I have a theory about my growing success in matchmaking. I really don’t think I’m becoming a better matchmaker, I think there might be a little positive feedback loop going on right here at the Harvard Business School. Regardless of its causes, I will happily take credit for the results.

Oh, but why do I have to bring this technical lingo-jingo into this beautiful love story? Read on, my dear readers. Or if you can’t read, have a loved one read it to you. Except that if you can’t read, you can’t be reading these instructions. Oh my, I seem to have gotten myself into a negative feedback loop here. Let’s just move on.

One administrative note. The much-heralded Valentine’s Day Intraview with Goldie has run into some, ahem, technical problems. I won’t go into the details here, but I am thinking about shifting gears and having A Haiku Competition for a Date with Goldie.

However, to spare myself the embarrassment of sponsoring a haiku competition and not receiving any haikus, I have decided to first have A Haiku Competition to See If We Should Have a Haiku Competition.
So, if I receive at least three haikus supporting a Haiku Competition for a Date with Goldie by Wednesday of this week, not only will the real haiku competition take place, the haikus will be published (anonymously if you like) next week.

E-mail questions, thoughts, job offers and haikus to

February 11, 2002
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