HBS King/Queen of the Court Competition

The HBS Volleyball Club held its first-ever individual volleyball competition earlier this month. The best HBS volleyball players showed up to slug it out in a series of doubles matches over two days of competition for the bragging rights, the gold medal, and the title of King or Queen of the Court.

As a competition based on doubles volleyball, all the skills of each player, from passing and defense, to setting and spiking, would be tested, ensuring that only the most well-rounded players advance. A powerful hitter with poor passing or an extraordinary defensive specialist who lacks strong hitting skills would be eaten alive in this competition.
Eight HBS players were selected to compete. Only one individual would capture the title of King or Queen of the Court. In the end, it was a surprise longshot player, Mart¡ Jimenez (gold), who triumphed over volleyball veterans Marcus Lo (silver), Curt Medeiros (bronze), and Kerry Bryan to claim the title of King of the Court.

Round 1
At the outset, there were eight players. The selected competitors included 2nd year players Sasha Berson (OH), Marcus Lo (OD), Dan Martin (OG), Curt Medeiros (OH), and Mike Ward (OD) and 1st year partners Kerry Bryan (NA) and Dwayne Golomb (NB). Two 1st year players, Laurent Therivel (NA) and Legrand Lewis (NB), were also nominated, but were unable to participate.

The event began on Saturday, February 23rd, with the competitors participating in an indoor round-robin doubles format. Each competitor played one doubles game partnered with each of the other seven players. After seven grueling matches, four players advanced to the final round of competition, based on individual win-loss records. Ties were broken based on a comparison of aggregate point differentials.
Mart¡ Jimenez led the pack at the end of round one, qualifying for the playoffs undefeated with a 7-0 record (okay, so maybe he wasn’t a longshot pick to win afterall…). Kerry Bryan had a strong second place finish after round one, with an impressive 6-1 record. Rounding out the final four were Curt Medeiros in third, and Marcus Lo in fourth place.

The Final Four
The event continued on Saturday, March 9th, as the final four players faced each other for the championship title. Each competitor would play two games to 11 points (required point differential of at least 2 points) with each of the other three players during the final round of competition.
Mart¡ and Curt were off to a strong start early in the playoffs, winning two games against Kerry and Marcus (11-7, 11-6), resulting in a 2-0 record and a +9 point differential in their favor.

Next, Mart¡ and Marcus faced Curt and Kerry. Mart¡ remained in 1st place by continuing his winning streak and claiming two more wins while paired with Marcus (11-6, 11-5). Curt and Kerry lost both games and at greater point spreads than the first match, allowing Marcus to move up into 2nd place.

Although Mart¡ remained undefeated after two matches, all three medals were still up for grabs based on the final deciding match. Curt and Marcus won the first game of the deciding match (11-6), narrowing the standings between them and Mart¡. If Curt and Marcus could win the second game without allowing Kerry and Mart¡ to score more than 6 points, the gold medal would slip through Mart¡’s fingers.

Although Curt and Marcus took an early final game lead, Kerry and Mart¡ closed the gap and tied the game at 10-10, ensuring a point differential of no greater than two points, thus guaranteeing Mart¡’s 1st place finish. Kerry and Mart¡ won the final game 15-13, crowning Mart¡ Jimenez as the HBS King of the Court.

The Final Standings

Mart¡ Jimenez
(5-1 record, +17 point differential)

Marcus Lo
(3-3 record, +5 point differential)

Curt Medeiros
(3-3 record, +1 point differential)

April 1, 2002
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