The hunt for what? The hunt for who? The hunt for a breath of sanity in this mad mad world? No, that hunt certainly isn’t over. Actually, no hunt is ever over, certainly not the hunt for everlasting love here at the Harvard Business School. And that is why I come to you each and most every week to bring you tales from the Love Front.

This week brings us a tale of action, adventure, drama, and perhaps a bit of romance in picturesque Braintree. Oh, I dream of the day when a man will whisk me off to Braintree…whisk! whisk! But I suspect I will have to wait for another day before I get whisked to Braintree, as I have neither the style, the panache, nor the Bond girl-like attitude of our heroine Irina. Read on to find out more…

In other news, I am feeling very unloved. Nobody writes, nobody calls, nobody offers me jobs! Feel free to change my world at