Godspeed Section H! Congratulations!

OH: Quotable Quotes from Aldrich 9

Matt Clark: (a.k.a. George W.): “It’s all about managing expectations”

Nancy Koehn: “We’re in the last quarter of the second half of the second semester of the long march of the first year…”

Mike Tushman: “Mingshu”… “Ting!”… “Wuhan!”…”It doesn’t get any better than this”

Aaron: “When I was in Sweden…”

Cicirelli or Leupold: Insert anti-Capitalist, ultra-Liberal comment here

Priya: “I would never marry you, Bhavesh”

Mohan: “You see…Coke and Microsoft are very different businesses”

Eva: “Mark, you’re the sexiest professor ever!”

Secil: “Prof. Tushman, did you know that the CEO of AES is coming to school tomorrow?”

Aaron (laughing with Prof. Koehn): “I’ll tell you after class.”

B.J.: “I think they’re at a strategic inflection point here”

Matt Clark: “Bernabe was the only European with the balls to be like an American.”

Hector: “Aaaa-choo”

Andrei: “I’ve recently become a Ducatista” (yeah…that afternoon outside Aldrich)

Erich: “It all comes down to EBITDA”

Lee: “Luc, I can’t understand you. It sounds like English, but it ain’t English.”

Curt: “It has to do with that beta thingy”

Erich: “Greed is good for you”

Nobuko: “So we realized that we needed to discriminate against short people”

Lee (again): “Yeah, the VC’s can pretty much bend them over and have their way with them.”

Rob A.: “On the road of life, there are passengers and there are drivers…”

Mel: “It’s not fair!!…Oh, you mean I won?”

Etienne: “It’s all about the people”

Vivek: “Section H Rocks!”

June 3, 2002
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