Generous, Cultured, Good-Looking, What More Could You Ask For?

The J-Crew continues to thrive in Aldrich 109. Ella Aglipay continues to serve up a bevy of cultural activities with Friday’s Traditional Dress Day and ongoing lunches. Best costume has to go to Maureen Farrell and Deana Menkes, however, for their turn as Jersey girls. Who says Americans have no culture? Outstanding. Mezuo Nwuneli presented on Nigeria while Rami Shamaa delivered the long-awaited Egyptian presentation. Rob Cunjak, Chris McIsaak and Lara Shohet gave us some insight on our neighbors to the north. Next up: Mexico with Carlos Mier-Y-Teran and Korea with Min Kim. Dr. Fear get the award for best-dressed professor for his participation in cultural dress day.

We are also proud to have raised almost $11,000 for Summer Search, the Tolstoy Foundation and the Harbus Foundation. Although Section I did an impressive job putting that number to shame, we are proud, nonetheless. Especially given what we had to work with. Goodness, how much did the Pass to Ozgur day end up going for? And then didn’t we all forget to pass to him? All for the kids, guys. Thanks to our wonderful volunteer reps, Louise Hulme and Diane McMahon for their hard work. Thanks also to Adam for his impressive display of section spirit. Magnus, please bring back pictures from your exciting day in Chicago. We are all looking forward to that as much as you are.

We have also found new talents in our section – Jaime Irick is a born model as you will see in this week’s pictures. We hear that there are talent scouts bugging Sue Choe daily to get a contract with him. Move over Fabiana, Melissa and Lauren, we’ve got the good stuff in Aldrich 109.