Frogs Graduate

Well, Frogs, we made it! We came in as tadpoles, and now we’re hopping on out of HBS fully transformed.

First off, congratulations to Jamie and his Warder Clan, as they now number five. Mary Margaret Warder was born on May 8th, weighing in at 8 pounds 6 ounces, and measuring 20 inches. Jamie reports Shannon is doing well, Tristan and Jack are acclimating to their new sister, and Mary was excited to arrive in time to see the Detroit Red Wings vie for the Stanley Cup.

The Warders aren’t the only ones expanding the Frog Pond. Here’s the Whistle Stop Train Tour of the 8 Frog Pond weddings taking place this summer:

And where are all the Frogs ending up after graduation? The cities with more than one member of the section so far are New York (15), Boston (13), San Francisco (5), London and Washington (4), Minneapolis and Sao Paolo (3), and Atlanta, Cincinnati, Dallas, and Seattle (2). These are the cool jobs some people have, and we plan on hitting them all up for whatever they can get for us.

o Roberto Anker: Chasidic Diamond Merchant at H Stern Jewelers in Rio.

o Darren Crawford: New Spine Installations at ArthroCare in San Francisco.

o Tara Dixon: Chief Explorer at the Discovery Channel in Washington.

oJenna Fagnan: Chief of Champagne, the Mo‰t of LVMH USA in New York.

o Todd Feiman: VP of Hacking with Wonder Woman’s Invisible Ropes at PWC in New York.

o Benjamin Hartman: Midnight Shift Inventory Foreman at in Seattle.

o Matt Holland: Head of Screw Pumps for the Colfax Group in Charlotte.
o Sunny Jong-saritwang: Chief Experiment Subject at Novartis in New York.

o Jordan Kayloe: Lead Liquidator for US Airways in Washington.

o Jason Lockwood: Poker Master at US Playing Card in Cincinnati.

o Arielle Loeb: NASCAR Cheerleader for General Mills in Minneapolis.

o Pedro Lozada: Brew Meister at Brahma Brewery in Sao Paolo.

o David Reinke: Runway Model for Liz Claiborne in New York.

o Gavin Saitowitz: Investing the HBS Endowment in Pork Bellies at Highfields Capital, right here in Boston.

o Richard Zednik: When not skating for the Montreal Canadiens, riding a Nice Paper Route on his banana bike for Wall Street Journal Europe.

We also have 20 people working in Financial Services and 14 Consultants.
Congrats to the Frogs, and see you at Commencement! /

15 Jun, Chicago: Drew Hykes and Amy Smith
22 Jun, San Francisco: Jen McAuliffe and Corey Mulloy (HBS ’01G)
29 Jun, Dallas: Mushtak Khatri and Aliya Tabani
2 Aug, Bogot , Colombia: Roberto Anker and Ximena Bautista
17 Aug, San Francisco: Sormeh Dowlatshahi and Dr. Nader Vafaie
17 Aug, Chicago: Sari Topel and Jonathan Tower (OA)
14 Sep, Boston: Jonathan Hodgson and AJ Johnson
14 Sep, Martha’s Vineyard: Colin Mahony and Katherine Nerney