Frogs Fight Back From Brink

The NF Frogs continued their “cardiac kid” run through the Men’s IM Basketball A league last week with two exciting one point contests, a 41-40 loss at the hands of NE on Monday and a 47-46 overtime victory against OG on Tuesday.

Monday’s game pitted underdog NF against the high-powered offense of NE, led by former Duke basketball player Justin Caldbeck. As the contest commenced, it was clear that the game would be no mismatch. The tenacious Frog defense, led by Guyan Randall and Karim Hutson, pestered NE shooters and ball handlers all over the court, frustrating their foes. In response, NE, exposing their true character, was forced to resort to underhanded tactics (such as publicly questioning Hutson’s ability to dribble with his right hand) to attempt to rattle the determined Frogs. In a heartbreaking, controversial turn of events, Chris “Big Daddy” Strong was fouled attempting what appeared to be a three point attempt as time ran out with NF trailing by three. Inexplicably, Strong was only granted two shots, resulting in a one-point victory for NE. Strong led all scorers with an impressive 23, while the more heralded Caldbeck was held to a gutsy 16.

The weary Frogs returned to action on Tuesday to face old G. NF started well, opening up a 29-20 lead at halftime. A tough 2-3 zone played by OG, however, frustrated NF in the second half as the Frogs went ice-cold from outside. NF was outscored 17-8 in the second half, pushing the game into overtime. After trading baskets in overtime, OG held a one-point lead with three ticks left on the clock and had a player on the foul line shooting the front end of a one and one. Following an OG miss, the Frogs grabbed the rebound and called an immediate timeout, setting the stage for what will forever be known hereafter as “The Play.” With one second remaining, the deflated Frogs retreated to the huddle to plan their course of attack. Master strategist Randall immediately took charge, diagramming an ingenious play that had Wesley Brandon throw a half court alley-oop to a streaking Peter Sisitsky to be placed exactly 12 inches to the left of and above the rim. Sisitsky was then supposed to catch the ball with his right hand, reverse it into his left, and dunk it for the win in one fluid motion. Unfortunately, reality of Sisitsky’s (or any NFer’s, for that matter) athletic endowments made this play an impossibility. He was, however, able to catch the ball and lay it in as time expired, winning the game and leaving the incredulous OG squad with blank, dejected stares. An elated Sisitsky was mobbed by his teammates, and was later seen wandering the halls of HBS in a dazed, dreamlike state, muttering, “I’m the man… I’M THE MAN!!!” The spark provided by “The Play” has boosted NF morale as the Frogs fight for a playoff berth down the stretch.

March 4, 2002
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