Freckled Frogs

Who says tans are so great-it’s all about freckles! A whopping 30 or so section F’ers plus S.O.’s went to Costa Rica and had anything but a lazy vacation. Constant activities-poor froggies. The trip was a blast and we’ve got the photos to prove it. Incidentally, whenever not feigning smiles for the camera, rumor has it that there were many froggy frowns mourning the absence of Melinda Tan and Max Magni. Deciding he was too good for Costa Rica with the riff-raff, Max went off for “medical reasons” to Italy and Switzerland.

Steven Carden “has some stories about (his) trip to the Wild West (Missouri) that would knock (our) socks off,” (as trips to the Mid-West tend to do), but, he says, “of course, they only come out for a fee!” I imagine there will be a long line of 2003 MBAs bidding up the value.

Sarah Riggs and Michelle Crames had quite the reception in Hollywood, including a gunpoint greeting by the LAPD. It is reassuring that the LAPD is spending its time on those who are a menace to society. I’m glad Sarah and Michelle sit relatively far away from me, where their wrath is more likely suffered by others-Amie Perl and Joao Rodrigues, don’t say I didn’t warn you!!!

J.J. Kardwell spent spring break with his illustrious girlfriend, Molly Fogg, as well as Dan Dornbusch (section J), Dan’s girlfriend Noelle Downing, Zaid Alsikafi (section E) and

Mariam Malik (section K ) in the Dominican Republic (Punta Cana).
Ariel Weil returned to his homeland for a brief visit to Paris followed by skiing in Val d’Isere with his girlfriend. What, you have a girlfriend!?!
Edton-who-claims-to-have-no-real-stories-Mock went on a cruise around the Hawaiian islands (Maui, Oahu, the Big Island, and Kauai).

Congratulations to our Section Chair and EM prof., Richard Hamermesh, who spent his spring practicing for the role of Grandfather!