First Year Senators Assigned Committees

RC Senators
Academic Committee
William Uppington

Operations Committee
Robert Barlick
Jeffrey Yurcisin
So-Young Kang
Majid Jafar

Student Services Committee
Jordan Burton
Mitch Weiss
Susan Bernabucci
Jack Guerrero

Housing and New Construction Committee
Sid Yog
William Uppington
Jordan Burton

Harvard Graduate Council Committee
Majid Jafar
Mitch Weiss

External Relations Committee
So-Young Kang
Susan Bernabucci
Sid Yog

The work of a Senator revolves around driving initiatives important to the student body and representing student views to the Faculty, Administration and outside parties. Most of this work takes place in the Senate committees. This past week, the first-year senators were assigned to their respective committees.

There are six committees with the Senate: Academic, Operations, Student Services, Housing and New Construction, the Harvard Graduate Council, and External Relations.

The Academic Committee is responsible for communicating student views to the senior administration (i.e. Carl Kester and Mike Wheeler) about the MBA academic program in general. It consists of one RC Senator, one RC Ed Rep, one EC Ed Rep, and one EC Senator. This year, the Academic Committee consists of William Uppington along with Lex Sant and David Russell, who are the co-chairmen of the committee. An RC Ed Rep will be added later in the year.

The Operations Committee serves three functions: 1) to organize Class Day and select a Class Day speaker, 2) to run SA elections and 3) to help with the Club approval process. The senators on this committee are Robert Barlick, Jeffrey Yurcisin, So-Young Kang, Majid Jafar, Darren Jackson, Tara Hahn, David Russell and Erin Russell, who is the chair of the committee

The Student Services Committee interfaces with the staff responsible for the operations on campus. This is the committee you would contact if you have an issue dealing with dining/catering or vending machines on campus, for example. The senators on this committee are Jack Guerrero, Susan Bernabucci, Mitch Weiss, Jordan Burton, Drew Blackburn, Raj Kaji, Carol Ahn (Co-Chair) and Erin Russell (Co-Chair).

The Housing and New Construction Committee deals directly with the Administration on issues that relate to housing and new construction.

They have a lot of influence on how the housing process works at HBS. This past year, for example, the committee was able to negotiate favorable rates with local brokers for relocating first-years. This committee is co-chaired by Raj Kaji and Jay Nogueira. The other senators on this committee are Tara Hahn, Sid Yog, William Uppington
and Jordan Burton.

Senators on the Harvard Graduate Council serve as the interface between HBS and the rest of the graduate community at Harvard. They help to plan cross-school events, serve as a communications conduit, and surface issues to the larger Harvard Community. Drew Blackburn chairs this committee. The other committee members are Hank Midgley, Majid Jafar and Mitch Weiss.

The External Relations Committee, chaired by Charles Masters, is responsible for serving as the interface between the SA and the rest of the world. This could include anything from working with HBS’ External Relations Department to coordinating events with other universities. The other senators on this committee are Darren Jackson, Hank Midgley, Jay Nogueira, Sachin Palod, So-Young Kang, Susan Bernabucci and Sid Yog.

We are fortunate to have an extremely hardworking and motivated Senate this year. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, be sure to contact us. More information is available at //

October 28, 2002
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