First International Week at HBS

Few people at HBS may know that nearly 35% of HBS students are international, one of the highest ratios among leading business schools. HBS students are drawn from over 60 different countries, and they speak over 70 languages.

To celebrate the incredible cultural diversity on campus, the section International Representatives, the regional clubs, and the Student Association, have worked together to launch the first-ever International Week at HBS. Each day this week (April 1 – 5 inclusive) will each feature special movies, club presentations, and free food and drinks. The goal is to provide great opportunities for students to meet the new regional club officers and learn more about different parts of the world.

On Monday, John Quelch, Senior Associate Dean for International Development, will kick-off the week at Spangler Auditorium. As the former dean of London Business School, Dr. Quelch was invited to HBS by Dean Clark to chair the HBS’ Global Initiative. During his talk, Dean Quelch will highlight how HBS intends to further its international leadership position.

Each night from Monday through Thursday, two movies will be featured in the Spangler Grille. The club officers have carefully selected these movies to showcase the unique culture of the countries. Movies will include the Oscar-nominated Lagaan, a story of triumph and tragedy from India, and Canadian Bacon, a wacky satire on the cold war mentality. Also featured will be the anti-apartheid musical Sarafina, and the French classic, The Big Blue.

Each night of movies will also feature a full banquet of international cuisine. Some dishes and desserts, such as Poutine Fries from Canada and Chocolate Crackles from Australia, are created based on student recipes. Regional drinks such as Molson and Foster’s will also be on-hand.

Friday is the day for “dress to impress.” The international students will put on their traditional costume and display their culture heritage from different countries. They will also celebrate the end of the week with a live band at The Grille. Dancing with sectionmates and enjoying a table full of international appetizers will cap off the week.

For more information, students should speak with their Section International Representative.

April 1, 2002
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