Editor's Welcome

Welcome to your first special print-edition of The Harbus, the real mccoy that you can only get here on campus. Our online edition is an important complement to the paper, but you’ll be picking up a freshly inked copy every week right here on campus, complete with the handy work of our professional design team. Welcome. The first fully-formatted newspaper edition will be on stands September 3.

In this issue, we wanted to provide you with some more useful tidbits about what’s going on around you, and in some cases, to remind you of it. Some of our content you may have seen in the Welcome Guide you received after admission, but we know that after your move, it may not have made it with you, or perhaps you just need another chance to catch some good stuff.

When the newspaper begins September 3, you will be seeing a continuation of the editorial team that began January 1. You see, The Harbus is a separate, independent not-for-profit corporation managed by students and their partners right here on campus. We are not a club, and except for a warm partnership with HBS that allows us to have space, telephones, and distribution points on campus, we are otherwise unaffiliated with HBS. The content you will read is your own: students write it, students edit it, students read it. It’s that simple (and at times, that complicated – you’ll see).

Enjoy your first moments on campus and take some time to walk around campus and the surrounding community. There’s lots to do here. And there’s lots to accommodate a wide array of tastes. We will be highlighting some of that for you in the coming editions of The Harbus, but until then, we encourage you to explore.

Remember that in these first days, the most important lesson is how to find your own “fit,” not to win every competition or to become the most popular person in your group. And please don’t start positioning yourself for political positions. Enjoy yourself, invest in getting to know the people around you – it will be both a humbling and invigorating experience.
And so will be your entire first year. You’re here! You made it! Now just show up, pay attention, do your very best, and give everything of who you are and choose to be. Best wishes. We’ll be in touch.

Nick Will,
The Harbus