Dow Jones Interactive Replacement Arriving at Baker Library

Factiva, a Dow Jones and Reuters company, is now making available outside the corporate market. Factiva was formed in 2000 to provide improved access to business information for Dow Jones Interactive (DJI) and Reuters Business Briefing (RBB) customers. is a powerful research tool that contains the combined features of DJI and RBB.

Features of is an integrated product that provides global coverage of business information. In, it is possible to run one search across the entire collection of information which includes print sources, newswires, WWW sites, pictures, and company reports. Database

features include:

o Indexing with select abstracts and full-text articles from nearly 8,000 publications printed in 118 countries.

o Ability to search for content using 22 different languages.

o Publication types including: 1,000 global and local newspapers; 6,500 magazines, including industry-specific journals and newsletters; 270 newswires, including Dow Jones, Reuters, and The Associated Press; 160 Media Programs, with transcripts from BBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and more; and 9,000 WWW sites.

o A Company Research Tool that allows screening of nearly 24,000 global companies using 26 criteria. Company information includes history, financials, current stock price and volume activity, and share activity.

o Universally indexed content with company, industry, geographical, and news subject codes from Factiva Intelligent Indexing.
To see some features that will be available with the Baker Library subscription, see a Product Tour at For a live viewing of, attend an open demonstration on either Tuesday March 5th from 11-11:30 in Cumnock 220 or Thursday, March 14 3-3:30pm in Aldrich 209

A, Dow Jones Interactive, and Reuters Business Briefing comparison chart of some features that will be available with the Baker Library subscription is available at

Phasing Out Dow Jones Interactive
Dow Jones Interactive is fast becoming a legacy product. To facilitate the transition to, both DJI and will be offered concurrently at HBS through early summer 2002. By mid-summer, access to Dow Jones will be discontinued and only will be available at Baker Library. will have the same extensive 20 year+ archive and ability to save searches as DJI; however, with 1,700 additional publications in 22 languages, a single-click search function to find “More Like This,” an email function, and universal indexing of all content, brings welcomed changes. will soon be available from the “Shortcuts” menu at the Baker Library Home Page at
Please contact Cynthia Churchwell at or 495.6533 with any questions.

March 4, 2002
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