Do You Remember Your RC Seat?

On Thursday, April 25th, second-year students will return to their sections for one last case discussion.

Organized by the combined efforts of students and the administration, the final section meeting will provide an opportunity for EC students to reflect on their HBS experience. Students will meet in their old section rooms from 3-5 p.m., and be led by a faculty member from their first-year classes.

The new “Capstone Class” was developed in response to a desire voiced by past MBA students for a “culminating experience”-something to tie it all together.

Last year, at least one section took the initiative to invite one of its favorite professors to come back and teach one final case. Seeing the success of this effort as a “proof of concept,” students and the administration together decided to build upon that success and provide the opportunity to the entire class of 2002.

“The Capstone Class presents students with a wonderful opportunity to get together with long-lost sectionmates,” said Mark Plunkett (OK), Student Association co-president FOR the class of 2002. “It also will allow students that rare occasion to step back and examine what our time here at HBS has meant, and more importantly, what it will mean to us in the future.”

In our first year here, we all had the same job. We shared the same roles and responsibilities, participated in the same activities and knew the same people. The capstone class is a last taste of the comforts of the section before we move on to jobs in companies all over the world, with very different roles and responsibilities.

For many students, the MBA program is a transformational experience, and the section is at the core. The capstone class is an opportunity for EC students to come full circle and reconnect with their sections before leaving HBS. If it goes well, it may be incorporated into the curriculum for future HBS generations.

Despite the initial raised eyebrow at the idea of reading yet another case, student response has been overwhelmingly positive. According to Brad Staats (OB), “Those students who have already read the case have commented on its relevance to their lives.” Cases were distributed through Spangler boxes on April 18.

“I think it’s great,” said Kari Gerster (OK). “It’s a great way to get the section back together before we graduate, and to reflect on what we’ve learned here.”

April 22, 2002
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