Dark Side Remains Un-"D"-feated

The Dark Side dug a deep grave for The Big Dig this afternoon, defeating them 9-7 in a truly epic battle. It was definitely the toughest game for the Dark Side so far this year. Watch out for the Dark Side in the next round, as they look to kick some more butt, after having taken its group, UN-“D”-FEATED!

Game Highlights
Julian “Rudi Voeller” Kurz scored thrice, and almost showed the Argentineans what a rowdy German can look like after a few beers in Oktoberfest.

Morio “Who just blew by me and Scorio’d?” Alexander once again showed the opposition that speed is the name of the game.

Cameron “Is there any way to score through this goal-stopping machine?” Jones did an amazing job at the goal (we did miss you, though, Slayer).

Andre “Yeah, yeah Argentineans, let me show you how soccer is meant to be played in Brazil” Silva scored from afar many a time.

Ray “Holy Chinese speedster, Batman!” Yang once again proved that just because you’ve been a bureaucrat doesn’t mean you can’t kick ass at sports.

Stephanie “We play quality indoor soccer in Libertyville too” Chamberlain kicked some ass and took some names all over the court.

Kelly “I don’t need no stinkin’ shin guards” Waldher showed us what he’s got both on the defense and on the offense, and we liked it.

And finally, Luis “Guatemala’s got some skeells too” Sanchez managed to weasel a couple past the Big Dig’s goalie when he wasn’t looking.

April 1, 2002
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