Club B's Top 10 Second Term Goals

Goal 1: Corrupt Section A and their credo. Convert them into “Club A.”

Goal 2: Work hard enough at trying to find a summer
job that I feel good about myself, but not hard enough to actually get one so that I can spend the summer surfing in Costa Rica.

Goal 3: Figure out how to make my comments with my American accent sound as good as the Brits.

Goal 4: Try to have all strategy classes live up to the tastelessness of the last one..

Goal 5: Figure out who hooked up during first semester.

Goal 6: Find someone to hook up with during second semester.

Goal 7: Use strategy learned in negotiations class and collude with the rest of the section so that we all do no work and get the same grades.

Goal 8: Hook up with a guest and/ or a scribe.

Goal 9: Since we can’t seem to win at football or basketball, beat every other section at quarters.

Goal 10: Maintain status as best section at HBS.