Club B Looks Forward to Summer Internships

While many students in the 2003 cohort have expressed concern about the availability of many “traditional” summer internships, Section B members are excited at the prospect of following the road less traveled. In fact, many Club B-ers have already accepted jobs well outside the realm of banking and consulting.

“I was planning to accept a job in banking, ” said Andrew Right, “but getting the chance to design my own line of fleece vests at Patagonia was just too good to pass up.”

Others in the section are relishing the opportunity to pursue their dreams. “I’ve always been quite passionate about the science of discipline,” remarked Rob Masson. “Getting the chance to work with the warden at San Quentin Penitentiary will help me to put my ideas into practice.”

Similarly, Simon Cheng announced that he had accepted an internship at the National Sleep Institute. “I feel that I can really use my skills there,” he said.

Some in Section B were very fortunate, getting to decide between several options. “I’ve had offers from companies in the oil industry and big tobacco,” said Rich Leimsider, “but I’m leaning towards joining the lobbying efforts of the NRA in Washington D.C..”

While some folks were entering new industries, others decided to build upon past experiences. “I thought about trying out investment banking,” remarked David Thackenator, “but I really fell in love with the corporate culture of Vivid Entertainment and decided I really wanted to go back.”

Kate Hartwell also decided to spurn lucrative offers from investment banking and private equity to pursue a non-paid three-month stint in the Peace Corps. Also looking overseas was Simdul Shagaya who proclaimed that it would be the “Summer of Sim” in his quest to become the next President/Dictator of Nigeria.

Others have decided to remain in Cambridge to begin independent academic studies. John Shepherd explained, “I have found myself very stimulated in BGIE class and wanted to pursue it on another level. I find the Costa Rican economy absolutely fascinating.”

Other topics being researched include: the economics of pornography, ethics in drug trafficking, and real estate price fluctuation on Story Street.

Even some professors are getting into the spirit. Section B finance professor Ken Froot described, “Section B has inspired me to write my next book this summer, entitled, ‘Finance for Incredible Dummies: If Section B can understand finance, we guarantee you can too.'”

Good luck to all those who have not yet found their summer dream job and remember: spending the summer at the beach will not count against you.

April 8, 2002
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