Club B Does Vermont

The much-anticipated NB ski trip to Killington was this past weekend and we had an absolutely amazing time.

Night One: B Gets Busted
Despite the ridiculous traffic from seemingly EVERYONE in Boston going up North for the weekend, we all made it up to Killington on Friday night after a wonderfully short day of classes. We dropped off our gear at our condos (which were awesome!) and headed right for the bar. The Grist Mill was overrun with first years-NI also planned a trip for that weekend.

We didn’t stay for long, because we had free beer waiting for us back at the condos. Ben Margoles, Curtis Krause, James Fincher, Dave Thacker and the rest of their crew generously invited us all over to their place for a quiet discussion about politics and the meaning of life. Unfortunately, this crazy lady who lives downstairs was upset about not being invited to the party and decided to call the cops. Either that or she was mad that NI was beating NB in quarters and wanted to break it up before it got ugly!

At any rate, Vermont’s finest knocked on the door to tell us how happy they were that we were in town for the weekend. They even looked at all of our ID’s so they wouldn’t forget who we were. What nice guys…

Unphased, we moved the party a few doors over, but eventually passed out relatively early (3am is early, right?) since Saturday was going to be so busy.

And the Next Day…
Most of us woke up early the next morning to hit the slopes. Interesting stories there:
o When Dinesh Moorjani’s hat flew off his head and down the edge of a nearly vertical, rocky, forbidden path next to the top of a black diamond slope, Max “Madman” Coqui took matters into his own hands, soared down the mountain, got the hat, and climbed his way back up like he was straight out of Cliffhanger.

 Manabu Ikegami skied so hard that he broke his ski boot.

 Australian James Fincher had his first experience with a winter sport.
The rest of us decided to sleep in, grab a late brunch with “real Vermont maple syrup,” and enjoy some much needed R&R before that night’s festivities.

Night Two:
Pizza, Quarters, and a Wobbly Barn

Social Chair extraordinaire Kate Hartwell planned an excellent pizza party/ kegger for us that night in the lodge. We all trucked over there despite the slick roads and had a great time. Several B-ers took advantage of the free beer and started playing Quarters (again!). The rest of us shared stories from the slopes, watched football, and generally bonded.

Drunk but not done, we piled back into our cars and went to the Wobbly Barn. Great times…

 Everyone’s favorite FRC expert Jake Cohen was there with a group of friends-what a surprise… and a fun guy to watch party!

 Erin Rice’s ski instructor had a crush on her and followed her around the bar.

 Corporate Whores John Waggoner and James Jarrett crashed the party and then crashed on Amanda Krantz’s floor.

Overall, everyone had an incredible time. A special thank you to Kate for putting together such a great trip and for dealing with all of our crap in the process. Get ready for Vegas, baby, Vegas!

January 28, 2002
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